Cheng Bao’s 30-year efforts
creates dreams, shoulders the responsibility for the next generation,
shares happiness, and promises the reverence of the Nature.
We’ll sow these seeds of hope into the land of China for them to take root, sprout and thrive.

In the past 30 years, we’ve always kept providing natural and healthy food.
It is not only our responsibility for the next generation, but also it is the idea of sustainable environment.

Cheng Bao

Since its marketing of the first 100% low-temp-processed juice in 1985, Cheng Bao has had 1100 starred hotels as its customer in China. In the past 30 years, Cheng Bao has always stuck with the international standards in raw materials, growing environment, work flow and preservation technology. Thirty years’ success [classical, delicious, top-ranked taste].


经典美味 顶级口感

Frutco is the first one of our 100% NFC product series on the retailing road. This brand pursues [purity, zero additives, vitality and good health], so as to further arouse people’s awareness of their health issues, making them healthy while their body is absorbing nutrients.


纯净无添加 活力好健康

Besides juice, we’ve marketed an herbal beverage of complex formulation, which we call [Dailyherb]. Besides the nutrients in juice, we use numerous herbal materials to enrich and further diversify the taste of our products, and at the same time suit the market needs.



Imported from Sweden with original packaging, totally free from additives, mySmoothie is not only a kind of beverage, but also it’s the dessert from the Nature. Every bottle of it enables you to savor the nutrients from several natural fruits. We secure you a 100% natural good juice from farm to table.



Since 1839, the PAECH family has gone for seven generations in the BEERENBERG farm in Australia. “We work hard and stand fast unto this land, simply because that we hope to teach our decedents to love this land” – that’s exactly the idea we’ve long held. The product from BEERENBERG gives you an authentic yummy taste. It is imported from Australia with the original packaging.



Since its start in 1983, SALYSOL has grown into the leading brand in this field. Various products and the creative idea of auto distribution have spread SALYSOL products all over the Five Continents. Through auto vacuum packaging and professional processing, nutrients in nuts are totally preserved and packed in SALYSOL products.



Currently sold in 45 countries, the products from Egypt-based Temmy’s include corn chips and nutritional bars. Besides good taste, we place more emphasis on fostering a healthy lifestyle, thus giving you access to the surprise from Temmy’s whenever you want.